Equalizer EQ 103 - World first!


•  The smallest LSIT device with the greatest possibilities*
•  Portable
•  No cable necessary
•  Battery (chargeable)
•  Easy use
•  Universally applicable
•  Ideal for home visits and traveling
•  Very easy handling
•  No special training required
•  German quality product with CE approval
•  Result of decades of research and practical experience with bioenergetic methods       by Dr. Bodo Koehler, MD, D-Freiburg

Therapy methods based on information transfer are not generally recognized by the standards of conventional medicine. The Equalizer does not heal and does not diagnose. Any medical treatment can only support self-healing.

Information about the Equalizer EQ 103

This portable, battery-operated device is used to compensate for existing information gaps in the light processing of our body and thus the control function, due to chronic loads of material nature (inflammatory foci, poisons) or psychologically. It can therefore be used in all health disorders.

Photons (light) are the information carriers No.1. All control processes in the organism are generated via real and virtual photons. Lack or loss of these meaningful light particles can lead to functional failures, including severe chronic diseases. Lack of light means at the same time lack of sun light, because food alone is not sufficient for the needs of the body.

This requires the entire spectrum of the sun, from UV to infrared. If sunscreens are used on a chemical basis, corresponding deficits can be expected. Any over- or under-dosage of the sunlight weakens the immune system!

The Equalizer EQ 103 includes a wide range of applications, because without exception there are light and thus information deficits for every illness. It is always about a lack that has arisen due to an imbalance and must be resolved.

It should also be noted that any unequal distribution of photons is coupled to the flow of free electrons, which may be disturbed by various deposits in the tissue. For this reason, not only light, but also DC is used.

The Equalizer 103 offers the following features:

•  White full-spectrum light for information recording
•  Red light with λ 630 nm for excitation of cell, nucleus and mitochondria
•  Infrared light for deep-acting regeneration
•  White noise (it contains all frequencies)
•  Dynamic magnetic field modulated with biological signals
•  Scalar field, in particular for coupling to the mental quantum field
•  7.83 Hz modulation (Schumann frequency, hippocampal resonance)
•  Pulsating direct current (compensation of charge differences)
•  Subtraction neutralization procedure SNT (therapy with pure interference field signal)
•  Optional inversion of the input signal (detoxification)
•  Integrated cup (can be equipped with healing information)
•  Input for external signals (e.g. sounds, music, info from ZMR / Vortex, MRT)

Application examples:

•  Trauma therapy with cleaning of the receiving channel
•  Balancing the bladder meridian
•  Balancing the chakra system
•  Balancing Sympathetic - Parasympathetic
•  Balancing side differences (pain treatment)
•  Interference field projection (pain treatment)
•  Partner Therapy
•  Shock solution
•  Detoxification by toxin release
•  Solution of receptor blockades

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  • Innovative
  • Wide range of applications

  • Portable, battery-powered and easy to use

  • German quality product with CE approval

  • Get informed now: sdg-vertrieb@t-online.de
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